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The objective of the NOTIONES (iNteracting netwOrk of inTelligence and securIty practitiOners with iNdustry and acadEmia actorS) project is just to build a network of practitioners from security and intelligence services of EU Member States and Associated Countries, from the Industry – including SMEs – and from the Academia, with the objective to identify these emerging technologies and research how they may satisfy the needs of security and public services.

Security and Intelligence services have research needs that are different from those of law enforcement bodies. Identification of the application of emerging technologies (as big data and artificial intelligence) against potential threats to  security and intelligence is primordial to EU Member States, Associated Countries and Schengen partners.

In the race to acquire the extractable information from the enormous amount of data generated by the modern economy (and for security and intelligence purposes), the US is leading, China is catching up and the EU is lagging behind.

NOTIONES will periodically publish a report which will summarise the findings obtained through EU funded research programming, in order to recommend future industrialisation of results, express common requirements and indicate priorities.

The consortium of NOTIONES includes, among its 30 partners, practitioners from military, civil, financial, judiciary, local, national and international security and intelligence services, coming from 9 EU Members States and 6 Associated Countries.

These practitioners, together with the other consortium members, grant a complete coverage of the 4 EU main areas: West Europe (Portugal, Spain, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Austria), North Europe (Finland, Danmark, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia), Mittel Europe (Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine), Middle East (Israel, Turkey, Georgia, Bulgaria, Bosnia Herzegovina, North Macedonia) for a total of 21 countries, including 12 SMEs with diverse and complementary competences.

DRI acts as STC - Scientific Technical Coordinator of the project, leveraging on its experience as STC in similar PADR projects (PYTHIA and SOLOMON where BDI, ICSA, Expert System, Gen. Leso are partners too) and as partner in EDIDP projects (DECISMAR).

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