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Our Projects

The Defence Research Institute is participating to the prestigious projects DECISMAR (funded by the EC under the European Defence Industrial Development Programme - EDIDP) and NOTIONES (funded by the EC under the Horizon 2020 Programme).

Our Team

Our team is composed by security specialists with background in multi-nationals specialised in IT, International Relations, Insurance and Academia, providing an unique approach that combines an expertise on technology with a focus on defence, strategic and security applications.


Our areas of research are:

  • Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Defence

  • The Future of Cyber Warfare

  • Protection of Critical Infrastructures

  • Post-Quantum Cryptography

  • Data Fusion

  • War Gaming and Training


Connect with us:

Find us:

937 Cours Aquitaine 

92100 Boulogne Billancourt, France

Our Expertise

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