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Our Expertise

Defence Research Institute is a thought leader on emerging technologies for the defence sector.
Application of Artificial Intelligence for Defence

Systems able to learn from experience, take autonomous decisions, perform cognitive analysis, image recognition and much more. Artificial Intelligence is a game-changer in the area of Defence is huge, with the potential to radically change military operations and practices.


The enormous expansion of the Internet occurred in the latest years has not been matched by adequate improvements in terms of cyber-security. Most of our devices are now interconnected and vulnerable to cyber-attacks. We focus on researching risk assessment and mitigation strategies for the Critical Infrastructure Protection.

Quantum Computing

Though the development of quantum computers is still at an early stage, it is expected that, in 5-15 years, large-scale quantum computers will be able to break the current standard asymmetric cryptographic algorithms in a matter of hours. Migration from current technologies will be costly, time consuming and complex and it is time to research on short-terms alternatives and drop-in solutions.


Confidentiality, Data Integrity, Authentication, Non-repudiation: cryptography is the key to protect data and communications. We research new cryptography algorithms to offer strategies and support in the defintion of migration practices to post-quantum cryptography. 

Cyber Warfare

What is the real measure of the cyber war threat? What will be the next cyber-weapons, and the defence strategies? While our critical infrastructures are more dependent than ever on Information Communication Technologies, are they ready for a cyber war?

Forecast and Foresight

What will be the breakthrough technologies of the next years? Which areas will see the most radical changes? We research on methodologies for defence and security technology forecasting exploiting Big Data Analytics and Predictive Algorithms.


Our Projects


iNteracting netwOrk of inTelligence and securIty practitiOners with iNdustry and acadEmia actorS


The objective of the NOTIONES is to build a network of practitioners from security and intelligence services of EU Member States and Associated Countries, from the Industry – including SMEs – and from the Academia, with the objective to identify emerging technologies and research how they may satisfy the needs of security and public services.

The consortium of NOTIONES includes, among its 30 partners, practitioners from military, civil, financial, judiciary, local, national and international security and intelligence services, coming from 9 EU Members States and 6 Associated Countries.

These practitioners, together with the other consortium members, grant a complete coverage of the 4 EU main areas: West Europe (Portugal, Spain, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Austria), North Europe (Finland, Danmark, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia), Mittel Europe (Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine), Middle East (Israel, Georgia, Bulgaria, Bosnia Herzegovina, North Macedonia) for a total of 21 countries, including 12 SMEs with diverse and complementary competences.


NOTIONES will monitor the results of academic research and industrial innovation and suggest actions to be followed by academia and industry to address these results towards a useful implementation. NOTIONES will, thus, promote the interaction of technology providers and academy with the intelligence and security practitioners, to detect new relevant technologies and evaluate how they could serve their needs.


NOTIONES will periodically publish a report, summarising these findings with the purpose of orientating future research project programming and indicating priorities with regards to the industrialisation of the results.

Call Title:                                        H2020-SU-SEC-2020

Duration of the project:              60 months

Types of activities:                         Coordination and Support Activities (CSA)

Total costs:                                       €3,471,861.25

Maximum EU contribution:      €3,471,861.25


development of a DECISion support toolbox for enhancing the feasibility study of the upgrade of MARitime surveillance through the integration of legacy assets with new innovative solutions


DECISMAR project, funded by the European Union under the European Defence Industrial Development Progremme - EDIDP 2019, and coordinated by ETME (Greece) aims at developing a decision support toolbox (DSTx), implemented as a cyber-secured and future-proofed integrated IT environment, to provide future technological scenarios. The DSTx will provide a dynamic and interactive approach for conducting feasibility studies which aim to support the upgrade of maritime surveillance under the scope of both current and future defined High-Level Operational Requirements (HLORs) of the PESCO Project “Upgrade of Maritime Surveillance”

Call Title:                                        Innovative defence products, solutions, material and technologies

Duration of the project:              42 months

Types of activities:                         study; design; system prototyping; testing

Total costs:                                       € 7,859,740.00

Maximum EU contribution:      € 7,499,740.00

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